Krisztián Hofstädter

audio showreel 2014

Two showreels featuring work for games and films.

time: Jan 2014

tags: music, movies, games

playlist: StormBrothers by Last Stand, Dynamite Jack* by Galcon, OIO* by Uncanny Games , GRID2* by Codemasters, Deadly Escape by Coppens, Cox, Boury, Aelst, Life of Pi by ARU, Trime2* by Frozenbyte, X2* by Egosoft, Mountain Eagle by ARU, Flow* by That Game Company

playlist: Guaira by Cristian Leon, The Sue by Radek Szaraniec, Luzhin Defence* by Marleen Gorris and Iceflower by Gabriella Sandor

*alternative soundtrack