Krisztián Hofstädter

secret place and remixes

A music release interpreting stories from my 'secret place', a special state of mind.

time: Jun 2013

tags: music, music-release, electronic-music, remix

My ‘secret place’ is an ASC that I discovered at the age of 18 in Somberek, the village where I grew up. The first attempt to express insights from the ASC were manifested in the poem ‘titkos hely’ in 2005. This ‘secret place ‘ music release takes the experiment, the interpretation further with musificaion.

The release has an eclectic choice in style consisting of my works and remixes by friends.

feat. Theresa Elflein aka Mouth, remixes by: Chris Mann, Karl Laeufer, Matty Moon.

Mastered in StOOODio Mastering by Colin Bennum.

tools: Logic, Waldorf Blofeld

An early version of ‘find me’ can be heard in Cristian Leon’s visual art showreel.