Krisztián Hofstädter


A fusion of celtic & electronic music for the award winning platform game, Stormbrothers.

time: Aug 2013

tags: music, music-release, game-sound, programming, SuperCollider

Melody patterns are generated algorithmically with Focus, a sequencer made in SuperCollider, then sent to Logic to trigger samples and sythesisers.

credits: cover art by Hendrik Coppens
tools: Logic, SuperCollider, Jack Pilot

the game

A mobile game about two Viking brothers on their quest to become Viking men. Swipe your way around obstacles and up the mountain. Prepare to face the challenges of the magical Nordic mountain! The game is playable on PC and Android and is under further development.

Organiser: Creative Front, Cambridgeshire
Stormbrothers on Facebook.

Last Stand Team: Brian Cox (code), Jos Balcaen (tech art), Fries Boury (code), Oscar Kuijken (art), Hendrik Coppens (art) and Joachim Coppens (level designer, 3D artist and project manager) and Krisztian Hofstadter (music and sound design). Last Stand was visiting the major gaming companies in Cambridge in Summer 2013. Here an article on Creative Front about it.